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​Fingerprinting hours are Monday through Thursday 8am to 4:30pm

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Why do I have to become a BPS approved volunteer?</b>
To ensure the safety of our students and security of our school campuses, all Brevard Public Schools volunteers are subjected to a criminal background check prior to approval.
<b>How can I find out if my volunteer status is still valid?</b>
You can check your volunteer status through your schools volunteer coordinator.  Each school has a volunteer coordinator who has the ability to check the District’s visitor/volunteer<br/>management system and determine if your volunteer status is still valid.  If your volunteer status has expired please visit the District’s website for renewal instructions.
<b>What types of volunteers are there?</b>
<b>Volunteer – Level A - $20.00</b>
Any person who has officially completed the online volunteer application to become a BPS volunteer, successfully completed a Raptor background check, and been approved by<br/> District Security to serve as a BPS volunteer.
<b>Volunteer – Level A PLUS - $42.50</b>
Any person who has officially completed the online volunteer application to become a BPS volunteer, been fingerprinted, successfully completed a VECHS Level II background check,<br/>and been approved by District Security to serve as a BPS volunteer.

<b>What is the difference between a Level A and a Level A PLUS Volunteer?</b>
A <b>Level A</b> volunteer may assist with the supervision of students or a school related activity.  While in contact with students, Level A volunteers must be within line of sight of a District employee.
Applies to:  In-county field trip chaperones, in-county athletic team chaperones, volunteers assisting with the supervision of small groups of students.

A <b>Level A PLUS</b> volunteer may directly supervise students or a school related activity. While in contact with students, Level A PLUS volunteers must be under the oversight of a District employee.
Applies to: All non-contractual tutors, non-contractual mentors, chaperones for out-of-county field or athletic trips, chaperones for overnight field or athletic trips, field trip drivers, and athletic<br/>team drivers.
<b>Which Volunteers need to be fingerprinted, and why?</b>
Level A PLUS volunteers MUST be fingerprinted.  The Level II background check that is conducted via the fingerprint submission to the FBI national database gives us the ability to know<br/>definitively who is in direct contact with our students.
<b>What is a Level II background screening?</b>
The FBI, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and Florida Department of Education (FDOE) all use state-of-the-art electronic equipment to process fingerprints through the<br/>Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).  A level II background screening will provide the District with a summary of any criminal arrest,<br/>as well as the case disposition.
<b>I have a “security clearance” for my job.  Can those fingerprints be utilized for this purpose?</b>
The State of Florida does not have a shared database that would allow us access another agencies employee fingerprints.  The systems utilized by the federal government, contractors of the<br/>United States government and private companies are disparate systems and communicate and store data in different manners.
<b>I have a previous arrest history that I do not want anyone to see. Who has access to the information that I provide to be fingerprinted?</b>
The information we receive from the FBI is highly confidential and pursuant to Florida law it may only be shared with appropriate personnel relating to the volunteer process.
<b>I am currently a fingerprinted volunteer but I am thinking about becoming a substitute, do I have to be fingerprinted again?</b>
Yes.  Your fingerprints to become a volunteer were not stored by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and you must have fingerprints on file to be employed by the District.<br/>We recommend that you be fingerprinted as a substitute and once your background is complete we will recognize that status for Level A PLUS Volunteer.
<b>In order to be fingerprinted, what do I bring to District Security?</b>
A valid driver license or state identification card and a method for payment.  All paperwork necessary to be fingerprinted is available at the District Security Office.
Fingerprinting can be completed at the Brevard Public Schools - Office of District and School Security.  The fingerprinting cost is $42.50 and we accept credit cards or money orders.<br/> Our office is located in Viera at the School Board headquarters, as follows:
<b>BPS | Educational Services Facility</b>
2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
Viera, FL  32940
Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

1. VOLUNTEERS MUST MAINTAIN STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY concerning information they see and hear concerning students and staff,
including students' grades, records, and abilities.
2. Volunteers <font color="red">DO NOT </font>discipline students. Please report discipline problems to the teacher.
3. Volunteers agree to abide by School Board Policy: ADC, Tobacco-Free Schools & Facilities.
4. Volunteers agree to report Child Abuse or Suspected Abuse to site administrator and the Department of Children and Families at
1.800.96ABUSE (1.800.962.2873). Volunteers may not give any medication to students.
5. Volunteers do not diagnose student weaknesses and strengths, prescribe activities for students, or evaluate student progress.
6. Volunteers’ discussions with teachers should not interrupt class time.
7. Volunteers should set a good example for students by their manner, appearance, and behavior.
8. Comparing and criticizing teachers and students are not acceptable volunteer behaviors.
9. Volunteers may not hold informal parent/teacher conferences Volunteers may not conduct personal business at school.
10. Volunteers should never touch students in any way that is aggressive, disciplinary or sexual in nature.
11. Volunteers must guard against private communications with students; (i.e. such as social media, texting, email...).
12. All volunteers must Sign In and Out through our volunteer management system during and after schools hours.
13. All volunteers or visitors MUST WEAR AN IDENTIFYING NAMETAG approved by the office of district and Schools security.</b>

I have read the guidelines. *
(1) Sexual misconduct with certain developmentally disabled clients - 393.135 F.S.
(2) Sexual misconduct with certain mental health patients - 394.4593 F.S.
(3) Abuse, neglect, or exploitation of aged persons or disabled adults - 415.111 F.S.
(4) Murder - 782.04 F.S.
(5) Manslaughter, aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person or disabled adult, aggravated - 782.07 F.S.
(6) Aggravated assault - 784.021 F.S.
(7) Aggravated battery - 784.045 F.S.
(8) Battery on a detention or commitment facility staff member or a juvenile probation officer - 784.075 F.S.
(9) Kidnapping - 787.01 F.S.
(10) False imprisonment - 787.02 F.S.
(12) Leading, taking, enticing, or removing a minor beyond the state limits, or concealing the location of a minor,
with criminal intent pending custody proceedings - 787.04(2) F.S.
(13) Leading, taking, enticing, or removing a minor beyond the state limits, or concealing the location of a minor, with criminal intent pending dependency proceedings
or proceedings concerning alleged abuse or neglect of a minor - 787.04(3) F.S.
(14) Exhibiting firearms or weapons at a school-sponsored event, on school property, or within 1,000 feet of a school     790.115(1) F.S.
(15) Possessing an electric weapon or device, destructive device, or other weapon at a school sponsored event or
on school property. 790.115(2) (b) F.S.
(16) Sexual battery - 794.011 F.S.
(17) Sexual activity with or solicitation of a child by a person in familial or custodial authority - 794.041 f F.S.
(18) Sexual activity with certain minors - 794.05 F.S.
(19) Female genital mutilation - 794.08 F.S.
(20) Prostitution - 796 F.S.
(21) Lewdness and indecent exposure - Chapter 800 F.S.
(22) Voyeurism - 810.14 F.S.
(23) Video voyeurism - 810.145 F.S.
(24) Coordinating the commission of theft in excess of $3,000- 81 2.014(6) F.S.
(25) Theft from persons 65 years of age or older - 812.0145 F.S.
(26) Dealing in stolen property —81 2.019 F.S.
(27) Robbery-812.13 F.S.
(28) Robbery by sudden snatching812.131 F.S.
(29) Carjacking - 812.133 F.S.
(30) Home Invasion Robbery - 812.135 F.S.
(31) Fraudulent sale of controlled substances - 817.563 F.S.
(32) Abuse, aggravated abuse, or neglect of an elderly person or disabled adult - 825.102
(33) Exploitation of an elderly person or disabled adult - 825.103 F.S.
(34) Lewd or lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of an elderly person or disabled person
              825.1025 F.S.
(35) Incest - 826.04 F. S.
(36) Child abuse, aggravated child abuse, or neglect of a child - 827.03 F.S.
(37) Contributing to the delinquency or dependency of a child - 827.04 F.S.
(38) Sexual performance by a child - 827.071 F.S.
(39) Resisting arrest with violence - 843.01
(40) Obscenity - 847 F.S.
(41) Causing, encouraging, soliciting, or recruiting another to join a criminal street gang —874.05 F.S.
(42) Drug abuse prevention and control, if the offense was a felony of the second degree or greater - 893 F.S.
(43) Sexual misconduct with certain forensic clients and reporting of such sexual misconduct - 916.1075 F.S.
(44) Introduction/removal/ possession of contraband at a correctional facility - 944.47 F.S.
(45) Sexual misconduct in juvenile justice programs - 985.701

Have you ever been Arrested, found guilty, entered a plea of nolo contendere,<br /> given notice to appear, had charges that were dropped/abandoned,<br /> have been granted first offender treatment without adjudication of guilt,<br /> been placed under a court order whereby an adjudication or sentence was otherwise<br /> withheld for a felony or any misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature, <br />or is any charge currently pending against you? *
Have you ever been accused of and/or investigated for, a crime of child abuse or physical abuse? *
Have you ever been investigated for allegations of sexual offenses? *
<b><font color="red">Failure to disclose to any of the above three questions will result in an automatic 1 year denial.</font></b>

<b>Applicants should be prepared to spend about 10-15 minutes for the application process.
It’s very important that volunteers enter their full legal name as it appears on their government issued ID (please do not use nicknames or “goes by” names on the application).</b>

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